Confessions of a converse wearing geek (ecossefilmmaker) wrote in nightisday_lj,
Confessions of a converse wearing geek

Night is Day - Propeller TV Launch Date!

Night is Day, Scotland's first ever web series, will be shown on Sky Channel Propeller TV (195) this Saturday at 10pm.

Episode 1 introduces you to Jason Mackenzie has he saves a young student journalist, Amy, from being killed by an attacker. Wounded, Jason is taken back to Amy's flat and she carefully patches him up without touching his skin, otherwise Jason's body will generate electricity which will shock Amy, and Jason will receive another vision.

While Amy patches up Jason, he recounts to her how he became a superhero and why he chooses to protect the innocent.

Episode 1 is 11 minutes long and like the rest of the series was shot with no money whatsoever. Well, we paid for the food and tapes.

Episodes 1 to 3 are currently online to watch at

We're currently filming the last episode of the series with 2 filming days left. So far over 14,000 people have visited our website and Martin Compston from "Sweet Sixteen", "Red Road" and "A Guide to Recognising your saints" has a cameo in episode 6.

Please spread the word about our series as the more people who know about it, the better.

Thank you :)

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