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More photos

I've now uploaded two more stills from our test footage at

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Jason holds Amy back from her attacker.

You can also download Shian's audition video at - Windows Media Player is required.

We've now got a professional photographer, Joe Gibson, who will be taking our promotional photos for the website and for press purposes.

David Reynolds is working on the test footage we shot right now to give us a rough idea of what Jason's powers might look like. David already did a small test which you can see at

On Wednesday Neil (producer) and myself are going to a freelance event where people from Channel 4 and other independent production companies will be present, and we will tell them about the series to see if they can help us with funding.

That's all for now

- Fraser
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Why do you still shoot your film in 4:3?
The test footage was shot on 4:3 for quickness, but we will be shooting the actual series in 16:9 - as it says in the production notes over at

Or it could be personal preference that I like shooting in 4:3 :p