Confessions of a converse wearing geek (ecossefilmmaker) wrote in nightisday_lj,
Confessions of a converse wearing geek

Episode 1 is wrapped!

"Night is Day: The Web Series" episode one has now completed filming.

We filmed in Bearsden on Saturday and Sunday filming all 12 scenes of the episode which explains the origins of Jason's superhero powers and introduces his could-be love interest, Amy, a young writer/journalist who is saved by Jason.

The cast and the crew worked extremely hard and we're going to get a couple of extra cast interviews to add to the website and Joe our photographer is going to be sending me the photos that he took on the first day of filming to be uploaded to the website.

Keep an eye on the site as we'll have some teasing items to show you...

Also, if you do visit please leave a message on the message board so we know who you are and where you are coming from!

Don't forget we also have a MySpace page at


- Fraser
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